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Links of all sorts...

Friends & freaks
Liv - X-girlfriend.
Jan Roed - Former RGD/Seed art director.
Kim - Ozzie photographer.
Alex - Former RGD/Seed story writer.
Lasse Hoile - Friend and excellent digital artist.
Stefan Prüss
- former co-worker from my time at Pixeleers.
Oh the wit - heeeere fishy fishy fishy.
Chandler - Fellow MAX´er and #trout regular.
Niels - export dane.
John & Louise Martens - Schoolmate, his wife and their daughter.
Kalle Knudsen - ....a blast from the past.
Sebabba World - Old schoolmate´s website.
KoBeast - Michael Kopietz website. Sounds´n´stuff.
Anders Stensgaard - 3D artist and photographer.
Anders "g" - Former RGD 3D artist / madman
Kristian Carstensen - Former RGD animator
Dr. Gabby - Former RGD-colleague

Steven Stahlberg - fab 3D chicks and scifi/fantasy.
Neil Blevins - the H.R. Giger of the MAX-community.
Johan Thorngren - Great 3D artist. Good learning resource too.
Frank DeLise - OldSchool MAX´er and former Discreet Prod. Man.
Igor Posavec - Great character design and 3D in general.
Steve Burke - You know his works from various MAX books.
Erik Asorson - Great game artist - especially with character design.
Brian Taylor´s Rustboy - If you havent been there yet, get going.
Scott robertson & Neville Page - 2D/3D design. Excellent!
Space Cadet - Banner´s annoyingly cool 3D scifi-o-rama.
Jørgen Bork - Fellow 3Dmaxer.
Ruben Borup - Great visualizations - especially architecure.
Nik Clark - Works with the Splutterfish/Brazil team.
PaperRaincoat - Some really great 3D art here.
Skjoldbroder - Some excellent 2D and 3D here.
Pixoid.dk - Danish 3Dmaxer/webdesigner (site in english)
Tommy Helgevold - Danish MAX´er.
Enrico Nencini : Topnotch 3D - good tutorials.
H.R. Giger - Artwork for nightmares by the master.
Eklettica - Another cool 3D-artist.
Kurt Drubbel - Great design, great content (3D mostly)
A3D - Thomas Andreasen - Danish 3D-artist.
Boring3D - Just fab! See the good stuff in the archive.
TurboForce - Swedish 3D-artist Erik Wernquist
Sukkertrip.dk - Anders´ site
Lots of Robots - Probably old news, but still awesome
The Pinup Files - Tribute to pinup artists - past and present
Beans Magic - Some excellent quality 3D
Art of Beton - Poser art i think (but really good)
Kenneth Fejer - Danish 2D/3D-artist
Martin Andersen - Great dansih MAX´er
Lem´s stuff and nonsense - very talented artist
Daniel Buck - Skilled MAX´er with some good tuts online.
art.noizex.com - Mix of 2D, 3D, and photography
Claus Friese - Danish CG-artist
Tommi Kaikkonen - 3D-artist
Dan's Garbage - 3D-artist
Dave Davidson - 3D artist
HPX-1 - Illustration, concept design graphism
Pin-Up toons - Fab toon pin-ups
Martin F. Edmond - Cool illustrator
www.technouveau.net - Danish matte painter - nice!
www.willmurai.com - Another grait "painter".
Little lost poly - some nice 3D.
Ben Mathis - More nice 3D (love the domain name)

3D resources
Autodesk - well duh! Makers of MAX.
3Dcafé - probably one of the oldest 3D communities.
3Dluvr - regular 3D-contest and stuff.
TurnTool - 3D web-engine developed by a former co-worker.
Cult3D - Another 3D web-engine.
World of 3D - Cult3D user forum.
MAXforums - Big international 3D studio MAX forum.
3DMaxer - Danish 3D studio MAX forum.
Brazil R/S - Excellent render system for MAX.
Chaotic Dimension - VRay render and more.
Scriptspot - MAXscripts galore.
Next Limit - Creators of the fab Real Flow fluid sim.
Spiludvikling.dk - Danish gamedevelopment forum.
Rhino 3D - How could i forget this excellent nurbs-modeller.
OpenEXR - New HDRI format from ILM
Do it yourself HDRI : Great guide on homemade HDRI
HDRI and openEXR bitmap I/O plugins from Splutterfish
MAXunderground - old site up and running again.
Boomer Labs - dev. of Foley Studio and other MAX stuff
Strata Café - Forum/Resource for Strata users
The Render Node - CG Magazine
VRay.info - Great resource for the VRay render engine.
Ballistic Publishing - Makers of the Exposé books
blender3D - Main site of the free 3D app. Blender
GameSpace - another free 3D app.(Gamespace Light!!)
Z-Brush - 2.5D(??) modelling application
IOR-list - Just a list of varios materials and their IOR
N-power - Makers of some great utilities for 3DSMAX
Conceptart.org - Great place to get inspiration
Splutterfish Forum - Forum for Brazil and Rio R/S
Starship Schematics - Blueprints á plenty
The CGSphere Project - Spheres like you've never seen them before
Vray materials - You definetely want to sign up here, if you're a VRay user
Indigo renderer - Promising new render engine
Pixila Artist Portfolios - go publish your ´folio - now!

2D/Photoshop resources
Effectlab : Tuts, challenges, galleries etc.
Eyesondesign : Gallery, forum, downloads and more.
Richard Rosenman´s free Photoshop plugins : Good stuff
Photoshopcafé : I suspect it is for PS what 3Dcafé is for 3D
RetouchPRO - easy sepia tutorial
RetouchPRO - advanced sepia tutorial

RetouchPRO mainsite : This site has it all
ProEffect.com : Lots og goodies here as well
worth1000 - Photoshop forum with contests and stuff
Gimp - Free photoshop clone

Photography artists and ressources
Jan Saudek - Absolutely fabolous photographer.
Steve Diet Goedde
- Fetish photography. [ 18+ ]
Natasha Merrit´s Digital Girly - Erotic photography. [ 18+ ]
DesignProject - Great gallery.
WebPhotoschool - Online learning.
Picture.com - Galleries and contests.
Photo.net - Huge forum with loads of users and their galleries.
Lee Higgs´ Kinky Machine - Fetish photography. [ 18+ ]
photoSIG - Great photography ressource.
Peter Lik - Great australian photographer
Fotolog.net/hatetank/ - my fotolog.
Fotolog - Fotolog.net home.
kunstakt.com - Erotic photography [ 18+ ]
Abandoned Places - Photo gallery
Loretta Lux - Photography (mostly creepy kids)
Digital Apocalypse - Artwork of Chad Michael Ward
Liquid Sculpture - Great site with some fab photography
Fotostart.dk - Danish photography community

Dimmu Borgir - Black Metal kings!
Porcupine Tree - Official Porcupine Tree website
Metallized - Danish metal mag.
The Gathering - Great ambient-rock crossover.
Illdisposed - Pilsner 33 og gejl.
HateSphere - Melodic thrash from Denmark.
Listen to Triple J - Streaming from Australia´s best radio station.
Sonic Mayhem - Great industrial/metal/techno artists.
Crowd Control - Thomas Banner´s band.
Genitorturers - Industrial/Fetish/Punk.
Exmortem - Danish Deathmetal.
Devin Townsend - Known from SyL a.o. (Music)
Barcode Hardcore - Great local band.
Napalm Death - Probably my favourite band of all times.
Mnemic - Danish metal band (Go oberst!!)
Raunchy - Another (great) danish metal band
Chainfist - Kopietz & Co.'s new band.

Games & fun stuff
Sev Trek - Excellent aussie Star Trek parody (cartoon).
Tomb Raider
- No intro needed for this hot set of polygons.
UserFriendly - Geek humour at its best.
C64.com - Commodore 64 resource.
Druuna.net - Official Morbus Gravis/Druuna website.
Art Collection 3 - Great collection of classic pin-ups.
Newgrounds - Funny flash games (esp. Disorderly).
Projec Entropia - Massive online game/community project.
Rathergood.com - Rather funny is more like it....
ThingsMyGirlFriendAndIHaveArguedAbout - LOL!!!
WULFFMORGENTHALER - Great daily comic strip.
CigarFar - Great fun (in danish). Check out "Gourmethjørnet"
Human Descent - Great photomanipulations.
Weebls Stuff - Funny flash (badger, badger, badger ...)
Fjallfil - Make your own musicvideos...with cows..
Got Futurama? - Excellent Futurama site.
HaderKunder - Fun stories from the lives of clerks (danish)
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition - Words to live by :D
Official HalfLife 2 website - Goody goody.
TurboTanks - great game to kill time while rendering
Abandonia - Game classics for free (yes FREE - 100% legal)
Cheap ass games - Great (board) games at low prices
Free Oldies - Another site with free, classic games
Gadgets.dk - Geek accessories and stuff
Penny Arcade - Geeky gamer comic
Seed Community - The rest of the die-hard Seed gamers
Alien loves Predator - Hilarious and ridiculous - a win-win combination.
Salad fingers - Noooo, it's not weird at all. Really - it isn't.
Splume - addictive web-game.

Cool websites
Aeriform - just great design.
Cool homepages - title says it all really.
DerBauer - flashy....
LookAndFeel - greatest presentation of site and site features.
Pixar - Probably one of the biggest animation houses.
cubadust - Designfreaks. Snazzy wallpapers.
Hubblesite - Official site of the Hubble telescope.
Shadowness - Great design - greast wallpapers - just great.
Trekkies.dk - Danish Star Trek community/fansite
silicoN imagE - Belgianbased company.
Daniel Nicolajsen - Great design from a great designer.
StarTrek.com - Official Star Trek site.
VernerPanton.com - My favourite designer.
Vice Magazine - Rather cool mag, with unusual articles
slagtenhelligko - another danish blog
JA Film - Danish company doing various types of animation.
KM Animation - Another danish company doing animations.
Studio AKA - English studio doing loads of cool stuff
A-film - Makers of "Terkel i knibe" and more
Runestone Game Dev. - My old employer
Orange County Choppers - Visit the Teutels - see the bikes
Bitter Films - Makers of the famous "Rejected"
Post Secret - Share YOUR secret (and read everyone elses)
The Monster Engine - Kid's drawings interpretation
Mattepainting.org - Stunning artwork
Jimbo's corner - Jimmy (and Karla's) blog
3d-empire a/s - My current employer
Watchismo - Everything for the wrist-watch fetichist
Volksworld - Cool VW (aircooled) mag
Ultra VW - Another cool VW mag
Beachcruiser.de - Great site for cruisers and accessories.
luchtgekoeldevw.blogspot.com - Mostly about older VW transporters
modblog.bmezine - body modifications [ 18+ and open minded+]
Abandoned space city

Usefull stuff
DivX ;-) - the greatest video codec.
Toms Hardware - Read about it before you buy it.
Bugbios - Good resource for bug-images.
PhotoVault - Another image databank.
Spellcheck.net - In doubt? Check it here.
Webmonkey - Excellent webdesign resource.
W3 - World Wide Web Consortium.
mIRC - IRC networks chat-client.
100Fps - VERY usefull info about de-interlacing.
My DVD collection - Made with the DVD-profiler tool.
nettips.dk - Danish portal about....stuff.
Fontz.de - Good free fonts archive (site in german).
HowStuffWorks - What makes the engine run?
HouseCall - Free online virus scan (good).
Brug 'Låget' - Excellent danish barbecueing site
What is anamorphic? - Great explanation here
iForm.dk - Sommerklar med maven bar?
Drinksdatabasen - A true partysaver (site in danish)
Fontsville - free fonts :)
Car Design News - great resource for concept cars
ConceptCar.co.uk - Another great concept car resource
AGPix - Stock Photography
Colormatch 5K - Excellent tool for finding colorschemes
Øl-torvet - Buy imported beer online here (site in danish)
Mozilla- Great alternatives to Internet Explorer and Outlook
AVG Anti Virus by GriSoft - Great free Anti Virus

- more to come. Let me know if you think you should be on this list.