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Site move complete

Well - that should be it. I've moved some old stuf to the new server/host, so the external links back to hatetank.dk from this site, should be in order. If you find something that is not, please let me know.
Hatetank.dk is offline - vomic.hatetank.dk is offline. I'll make a redirect thingy soon, and maybe I'll make a thread for Vomic, plus a new portfolio on hatetank.dk. I'll think og something.... soon.... promise...


Site move...

In the near future, I'll move to another host, and although most of my content is hosted on Blogger, there's still some stuff on hatetank.dk. This may result in a few missing items here and there, and I'll try to get it up and running 100% as soon as possible.
Vomic.hatetank.dk will be terminated, as will hatetank.dk except for mails. Polygon Poop will continue. I may upload all the old vomics in a seperate thread under Polygon Poop, but I won't promise anything.

So if you don't get response by mail, please try my alternate at:
"hatafmug att gmail dot com".

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

- and see you on the other side...

*edit* I've changed some bits around, in order to avoid pulling the graphics for the header from hatetank.dk - in short nothing bad should happen up there during the host move. But there may still be some dns-issues, and the site may be offline for a little while when the swap takes place.