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Feelin' guilty?

- a bit perhaps. I have neglected my blog big time (and I blame Facebook!!).
Well - it's more likely a mix of things. Having been with Sussi for more than half a year now, I've also had to adjust to having kids in my life - which is pretty darned cool. Sussi has 2 boys age 3 and 5, and they're absolutely fabulous. Fun, curious, and very energetic - though very good at entertaining themselves, when we need a little break. Even though I only see them every other weekend, I think we make good use of the time (they sure see to that, when they wake us up at 6.20 in the morning) engaging in a lot of healthy and fun activities. So that's one thing that takes my focus away from blogging ever so often.

Another is the project I've been working on at Cadesign since the beginning of February. I'm not used to such long projects - usually a long one is about a month or so. But it's been quite an experience, and even though I've worked a bit overtime, I've managed to spread it out a bit and thus avoiding long hours close to the deadline (which was 2 days ago). And luckily we were 5 working on it the last few weeks. I've also gained a lot of new knowledge, and that's probably the thing i like best about Cadesign. So many extremely talented people's brains to pick.

And finally I'm dedicating much more of my free time to music, and it's progressing (on most fronts) - we have about 7 of our own tracks, full crew, and plenty of ideas. But there's still a long way to go. So be patient - we will get there eventually.

- so you see, it's not that I'm lazy (hahahaaa) - but there's just so much other interresting stuff going on. I'll try to do better though (but no promises). I'm still behind with a few photo sessions, and hopefully I'll also be allowed to show some of the works from the big project soon.


A few days back, Sussi got her Nikon D60 camera, and yesterday we (well mostly me really) had plenty of opportunity to test it out. During a nice, long day out in the sun, with kids, dogs, and vintage cars, I took these shots of Sussi's mom's dogs at various locations. They have been adjusted slightly in the accompanying RAW format editing software, and finally cropped for better composition. I'm genuinely impressed with the whole experience, athough I haven't even started yet.

This would be Carter - with Odin (I think) in the background.

And this is "my" dog - Liva. You'll notice how proud she wears her camouflage harness.

Jade - the (grey)bearded lady :)

The proud owner and Liva sharing a philosophical moment perhaps?

Is she just to die for or what?

Jade - Liva's mother.

Ahhhh - to be a dog.... in the sun...

Her royal highness being transported around by a lower class being.

Buddhadog FTW! :)

Full Pull

- AllingÄbro Motor Festival 2009

In may me, Sussi and Mumbles went to AllingÄbro for the annual diesel and rubber consumption.
The motor festival is basically a big site converted to a playground for 4X4's, pocket bikes, gocarts, motorcycles in all sizes and shapes, street and drag racers - and last but not least the tractors.
For a relatively "young" event (as I understand it, it only has a few years behind it), it was very well orchestrated, although the viewing facilities could be improved some. At times it felt like the festival was drowning in it's own success, making it a bit hard to actually get to see the action. Luckily I'm one tall mofu ;)

Beetle on the drag strip. Always nice.

Street bike burn out - timelapse.

Noisy drag bike. I disregarded the announcer's reminder to cover my ears for the 120dB output of this crotch rocket, and it felt like Manowar playing an entire gig, condensed into a split second, and stuffed into my ears... ouch!

Awesome hot rod - in satin black.

5x V8 should do the trick, yes?

It's hip to be square...

Getting a grip...

As Niels put it when watching this picture : So that's the reason for the greenhouse effect.

Just smokin'...


Getting good speed.

There she goes................. and there she blows.

Digging in.

Nice pole...