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A few days back, Sussi got her Nikon D60 camera, and yesterday we (well mostly me really) had plenty of opportunity to test it out. During a nice, long day out in the sun, with kids, dogs, and vintage cars, I took these shots of Sussi's mom's dogs at various locations. They have been adjusted slightly in the accompanying RAW format editing software, and finally cropped for better composition. I'm genuinely impressed with the whole experience, athough I haven't even started yet.

This would be Carter - with Odin (I think) in the background.

And this is "my" dog - Liva. You'll notice how proud she wears her camouflage harness.

Jade - the (grey)bearded lady :)

The proud owner and Liva sharing a philosophical moment perhaps?

Is she just to die for or what?

Jade - Liva's mother.

Ahhhh - to be a dog.... in the sun...

Her royal highness being transported around by a lower class being.

Buddhadog FTW! :)