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Pot of gold?

Or a big explosion?

- the low sun yesterday made De Mezas Vej look like it had been set on fire. Unfortunately I only had my mobile phone cam with me, and the image is not exactly representative of how it really looked. It was stunning.

- and on that note: Happy New Year to everyone :)


First home-cooked meal in the new appartment

- well it's SOMETHING to celebrate. But in the midst of cooking, it suddenly hit me: I had no salt, pepper or anything. The spice rack was still in the old appartment. So I had to put the food on standby and go fetch spices in the old appartment, which is luckily only 50 meters away.

I had a chicken casserole with spinach, cream, red onion, mushrooms, cream cheese, a bit of tomato and nutmeg - over fresh fettucine. Yumyum.

Earlier today I spent 3 hours in hell - hell being Ikea on the first day open after christmas. I did get a lot of usefull stuff for the kitchen though, as well as closets and other stowe-away-furniture. The big things should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately my bed was out of stock, and probably won't arrive for 4-5 weeks. It'll be nice with a proper closet though. Currently my clothes are stacked/piled/thrown into 3 moving crates and a few bed rollers. But I am 92.1% finished... approximately.


85 percent settled

I'm getting organized fast. All I need now, is to mount 6 small racks for DVD's on the wall, sort my clothes and hook up the rest of the hardware - but for the last two things I'll have to pay Ikea a visit. I also need a new bed, and some other minor stuff. And to put up 2-3 lamps. Groovy :)

- and apparently the internet is hooked up already, but the stationary phone is not.


Moving moving moving

I've moved to a new flat yesterday (thanks to everyone who helped), and I won't have internet access until dec. 27th. Stay tuned, and merry christmas once again ;)

- if you desperately need to contact me, you should do so by mobile phone (the stationary is dependant on the internet connection).



- official teaser for Duke Nuke'em 4(n)ever to be released tomorrow.
This is fantastic news - if there's any truth to it. A nice christmas present. It's only been awaited since '99 or so. But that's what game developing is like.

*edit* And there it was :

Not sure what to think. Graphics and mood remind me a lot of F.E.A.R. and there's hardly any environment shots and no more than short flashes of in-game action, primarily consisting of attacking aliens. But then again - it's just a teaser, and it does look promising. But they'll have to step up BIG time, to hype Duke again, after 3 consecutive Vaporware Awards, and one honourary lifetime achievement award.... of vaporware.

Quicktime HD link

*footage courtesy of 3Drealms


Merry X-mas from me (and TurnTool)

Well - it's finally online - this years interactive TurnTool x-mas card.
Try it here (or click the image above)

- All graphics and animation by yours truly, scripting by Mikkel and music by Anders Reinholdt. TurnTool plugin required, obviously.

Unfortunately - only Internet Explorer friendly. Enjoy anyways.


I love my Flat Eric doll...

... he's just such a pal.

- feel free to send him sausages for christmas. He'd really appreciate that.


Aqua's Barbie Girl the indian way?

It has to be - judging by the pitch of her voice. Ken is slightly beardier though.

- do you also wonder why he head-butts her boobs about 3.40 mins into the video?

How blond can you get?

... i mean - seriously?

(no offense to blond people in general, but honestly - this is ridiculous)


Morning gold

- pretty colours the other morning...