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First home-cooked meal in the new appartment

- well it's SOMETHING to celebrate. But in the midst of cooking, it suddenly hit me: I had no salt, pepper or anything. The spice rack was still in the old appartment. So I had to put the food on standby and go fetch spices in the old appartment, which is luckily only 50 meters away.

I had a chicken casserole with spinach, cream, red onion, mushrooms, cream cheese, a bit of tomato and nutmeg - over fresh fettucine. Yumyum.

Earlier today I spent 3 hours in hell - hell being Ikea on the first day open after christmas. I did get a lot of usefull stuff for the kitchen though, as well as closets and other stowe-away-furniture. The big things should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately my bed was out of stock, and probably won't arrive for 4-5 weeks. It'll be nice with a proper closet though. Currently my clothes are stacked/piled/thrown into 3 moving crates and a few bed rollers. But I am 92.1% finished... approximately.