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Paragraf 77 - også for bloggere

Bloggere og onlinedebattører oplever i stigende grad, at blive udsat for trusler om sagsanlæg og lignende fra aggresive advokater, der på vegne af deres klient(er) truer sig med bål og brand til fjernelse af negativ/kritisk omtale. Oftest uden noget som helst juridisk belæg, men dog indenfor lovens rammer. Og folk der ikke ved bedre lader sig true til tavshed.

Jimbo, som selv har følt dette på egen krop, har nu taget initiativ til en forening der har til formål at varetage bloggernes interesser, samt hjælpe bloggere igennem eventuelle situationer som eksempelvis den Jimbo selv blev fanget i.

Læs mere her.

- godt initiativ, Jimbo.


Chainfist - Jernglorie

Just thought I'd promote Chainfist a little, and the recently uploaded video seemed like a good excuse.
Check it out.

Official Chainfist website
- Chainfist on MySpace


[CD] Satyricon - Now, Diabolical

"Rise my friend - march to war

Time is up - Shadows dance

Fight my friend - tyrants pull

Time is up - burn the world"

This is a fantastic album. It's black metal and - it's not. Hard to define, but that's ok because Satyricon is apparently in the midst of redefining the black metal genre. It's rock, it's heavy, it's melodic - but it is still VERY black.

Originally I was not a big fan of black metal (you may wan't to skip this part, if you're not into tiresome anecdotes) it was just a bunch of silly noise wrapped in poor productions in MY ears (and that's saying a lot, coming from someone who likes grindcore). I was introduced to black metal á plenty, but nothing really stuck to me. Untill one night when my old band, Frozen Sun, played a warm-up gig for swedish Dissection in Ålborg. You may say I saw the light (or more appropriate the "blackness"). Having performed a great gig ourselves, it was time to see what the headliners were all about. And everything was dark - no lights on stage, no lights in the audience - the sound engineer at the back was suddenly very present in the glow of the many dials, knobs and meters. And then the band started. Two bright white projectors mounted in front of the drums, pointed up at the bottom side of each of the drummer's crash cymbals. And every time he hit one of those cymbals, a golden beam would pierce the hall and randomly illuminate faces in the crowd. And there was no other light, appart from various candles at tables in the hall. I was in awe. And the band performed with an energy I had not seen in a long time. They meant business.
- from that day on, I LOVED black metal - not all black metal, but a lot of it. And despite all the controversy about murders and radical beliefs among certain members of various black metal bands, there's no denying that the music has a lot of energy.

But enough about Dissection, and my first "real" black metal experience (you may start reading again now, if you decided to skip the anecdote).
As mentioned Satyricon is redefining the genre, and bringing a lot of new influences into their music. Now I don't think I know all Satyricon albums - but I do know the 3 most recent, as well as the classic "Nemesis Divina" - and there's miles apart from the recent three to Nemesis. I started noticing the change on Rebel Extravaganza which was much more experimental than I would expect from a black metal band - nothing like the straight and brutal Nemesis, which is much more typical black metal. And I liked it. And over the next two albums (Volcano and Now, diabolical) I wen't from liking to loving it. The new crossover that has evolved is definetely something else. Far from the melodic and almost over-produced passages you get on more recent Dimmu Borgir or Emperor albums, yet still strangely familiar.

I don't think there's a bad song on the entire album, although my favourite has to be "The pentagram burns". It's just good from start to finish - and the songs have been carefully arranged in the perfect order, finalizing this masterpiece with the extremely dark and aethereal "To the mountains".

If I have to point my finger at something, it would be that the production could easily have been a little better, without compromising the black.




Ok - I finally caved, because if there's one thing I REALLY need, it's yet another excuse to never get away from the computer...
I'm on facebook - come look me up.

- now let's see what this puppy can do.


(Belated) Happy birthday, Sammy

Sammy turned 40 recently, so in true Robyn (a.k.a. Mrs. Y to be) spirit, I've decided to bless the birthday kid with a picture of something weird : Me... with cheesy poofs up my nose...

- I think I look a bit like a wild boar or something...

Winds of change are a'blowing....

Yesterday I quit my job (well, I gave notice - I'll be tidying up the loose ends in my current job during the weeks ahead), and signed with another company instead. I'm very exited about starting at the new place on March 1. I'll be working together with about 15 very talented 3D-guys. I'll be getting pension (eventually) and cheap lunch prepped by a cook, as well as many other great perks. Did I mention that I am exited?

I was however not so exited about giving notice to my current boss. It felt like breaking up (which technically it was). My body tried to steer me away from what had to be done, by playing all sorts of nasty tricks (such as rapid bowel movement, elevated pulse, and sweating...). I am however determined to make the transition as smooth as possible for both the company, and my replacement.

Even though I've had many sleepless nights recently because of this decission, I know it's the right thing for me. I've asked myself a zillion questions again and again, but the outcome was always the same. And so I had to act accordingly. I'm still thinking a lot about it, but it feels more and more right every day.


[MOVIE] Ratatouille

When Pixar (and the monkey on their backs, Disney) release a new movie, there's always high expectations. Pixar has in many ways been defining the 3D-animated movie genre, and they usually always push the boundaries with each release a little further, and thus raising the bar for their competitors to scale. And usually you don't get disappointed (depending on what you look for in a movie of course), but even though it was close to technically flawless, it didn't quite have the same WOWSA-feel as was the case with Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles which I think are some of the best works by Pixar.
So why was I... well... disappointed? Because it was banale to the point where not even the incredibly great visuals could make up for it. It did start out great, but the transition from colony-rat to city-rat was weak, to say the least, and I felt cheated out of the grand emotional drama that it could've been. It didn't get dangerous untill Remy (the rat) set paws in the kitchen. But then it did get dangerous allright.
Then there was the romance between the other main character, Linguini, and the female cook, Colette. How awkward was that? And where did it come from? There had hardly been any hint of it, and suddenly they're kissing in the courtyard? Again - what could've had some great emotion, turned flat and weird.
In general I have to say that the story was thin, there was too much "oopsie-daisy" comedy, and the minor characters that seemed interresting, never really got into the story, and they seemed to only serve as visual filler.

On the technical side however it was brilliant. Especially the wet fur on the rats was great. And the general lighting, shaders and compositions were top notch.
I did however not feel much for the character design. And I don't think they got away with mixing realism and cartoonism too well this time. Paris was lovely and had a great mood, but they failed to "cartoonify" the vehicles. They did even bring in the good old classics from Citroen - Dyane, 2CV, DX - but they just ended up looking weird.
Finally the animations of especially people on 2-wheeled vehicles, seemed blocky and yanked.

In conclusion I have to say I was less than impressed. I had hoped for more, and It seems to me like Pixar need to look in other directions. But I guess with Disney pulling your strings, your movement is limited. Pity, because they were going somewhere great with Incredibles. But unfortunately it's been downhill since.
At least it is definetely still worth a look from the technical and visual side of things. Question is - is that enough for you, or are you that much of a 3D-geek?

I have to give two seperate ratings for this one - one for the story and one for the visuals/technicals. Seems only fair to me.




New CGSphere

I took a few hours out today, to realise an idea I had for another CGSphere : The Weighted Companion Sphere (yes Portal is great).

Not much to say - boxmodelling, with a handfull of render-passes, then comp and tweak in Photoshop.



Having just begun to pick up the guitar again, after 10 years of not playing since Frozen Sun was abbandoned, I don't exactly need stuff like this rubbed in my face...

- now I'm not usually impressed by guitar heroes, as I find they completely lack the ability to write music worth listening to, but I respect them as brilliant technicians.
This (and he's called Michael Angelo Batio) however is beyond brilliant.


Sidewalk rage pt. 3 : The queue

Whats wrong with people in cars, hmm? I mean it really isn't rocket science, but some people in cars just can't figure it out.
- I'm talking about queue'ing.

When you're approaching a big intersection during rush hour, and you can clearly see that on the other side of the intersection theres a queue forming as long as the eye reaches, what then makes you think that the reasonable thing to do is to keep driving untill you're parked right up the ass of the last car in the queue, even though that car is already situated in the middle of the intersection, blocking all crossing traffic in just about 5 seconds, when the lights change. What, I ask?
Is it hard to do the math and come to the same conclusion most sane people would come to, that you'll be causing a pile-up, and in general being a nuisance to especially pedestrians, because you're parked 2-3 cars side by side in the pedestrian crossing for the exact amount of time it is actually green in our direction?
You're not gonna waste as much as a single second if you wait before crossing, when there's a queue as described above, even if there's green in your direction. You might actually save time, because you won't be intertwined with cars and pedestrians alike.
I hope some day a person with rock climbing boots, decides to shortcut over your bonnets. Maybe that'll teach you a lesson. Morons!



Today is back-to-work-day. Those 16 days of holidays came in handy for the whole moving/getting settled process. But it's dark outside (and probably cold too), and it will be like that when I get off duty as well. I absolutely hate winter. Snow or no snow. And I could easily take another 16 days. But then again - one can't loaf about forever.