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Sidewalk rage pt. 3 : The queue

Whats wrong with people in cars, hmm? I mean it really isn't rocket science, but some people in cars just can't figure it out.
- I'm talking about queue'ing.

When you're approaching a big intersection during rush hour, and you can clearly see that on the other side of the intersection theres a queue forming as long as the eye reaches, what then makes you think that the reasonable thing to do is to keep driving untill you're parked right up the ass of the last car in the queue, even though that car is already situated in the middle of the intersection, blocking all crossing traffic in just about 5 seconds, when the lights change. What, I ask?
Is it hard to do the math and come to the same conclusion most sane people would come to, that you'll be causing a pile-up, and in general being a nuisance to especially pedestrians, because you're parked 2-3 cars side by side in the pedestrian crossing for the exact amount of time it is actually green in our direction?
You're not gonna waste as much as a single second if you wait before crossing, when there's a queue as described above, even if there's green in your direction. You might actually save time, because you won't be intertwined with cars and pedestrians alike.
I hope some day a person with rock climbing boots, decides to shortcut over your bonnets. Maybe that'll teach you a lesson. Morons!