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Winds of change are a'blowing....

Yesterday I quit my job (well, I gave notice - I'll be tidying up the loose ends in my current job during the weeks ahead), and signed with another company instead. I'm very exited about starting at the new place on March 1. I'll be working together with about 15 very talented 3D-guys. I'll be getting pension (eventually) and cheap lunch prepped by a cook, as well as many other great perks. Did I mention that I am exited?

I was however not so exited about giving notice to my current boss. It felt like breaking up (which technically it was). My body tried to steer me away from what had to be done, by playing all sorts of nasty tricks (such as rapid bowel movement, elevated pulse, and sweating...). I am however determined to make the transition as smooth as possible for both the company, and my replacement.

Even though I've had many sleepless nights recently because of this decission, I know it's the right thing for me. I've asked myself a zillion questions again and again, but the outcome was always the same. And so I had to act accordingly. I'm still thinking a lot about it, but it feels more and more right every day.