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Noticed something different?

Thats right. The appartment for sale ad is gone. What could this possibly mean? Well - we (that is Liv and I) have sold our appartment, which means that hopefully our individual financial situations will start to improve. When your entire salory has been going to pay rent in two appartments... for more than half a year, you're pretty much left with something the LHC has not yet been able to provide - a black hole... a money-sucking black hole.

We're both happy to not have this extra expense, even though we had to cut a little chunk of the price - and we're very happy on behalf of the new buyers (whom we know personally) - and hope they'll grow to love the appartment like we did. Congratulations to the both of you :)

- it IS however also a bit sad. Even though it is more than a year ago we split up, and even though we've both moved on and managed to stay good friends still - it feels a bit weird. So definitive. Hard to explain in words - but hey, the money issue which will no longer be an issue kinda steals the focus ;)