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My baby is back

- no, I have not found a basket with a mysterious love child at my door step.
I'm talking about my good old Dean guitar from the Frozen Sun days. The guitar I played when we recorded our debut CD. The guitar I played on our last couple of gigs. Meeeemorieeeees....
After 8 years or so, she's in my possession again. Took some shining up by the good folks at Akustikken, but they did a great (and relatively cheap) job, and it's fantastic to play it again. Much, much easier than the Brownsville I've been playing for the last many months.

It has a nice and crisp sound, and hardly any noise as opposed to the Brownsville.
A small bonus is the fact that I now have 2 guitars at my disposal, which gives a much more varied sound when I'm recording dual guitar tracks at home.

- apologies for the crummy picture by the way, but it's a picture, René - I promised nothing more...