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vomicdotcom gallery

From 2003 and up untill 2007, I did a series of weird comic one-liners, inspired among others by Gary Larson's Far Side. They were just random weirdness, play on words and goofy characters - a way to keep myself creatively challenged on more than just the graphical side, because honestly - there's not much technical flair in these images.

The images were hosted on a dedicated website, vomic.com, but was later moved to a subdomain on hatetank.dk, and finally they appear here on Polygonpoop. I don't do them anymore, but I still have a document with a lot of ideas, if I should ever feel the need to pick up the project again.

Untill then, here's the entire "catalogue", in chronological order, newest on top. Enjoy (I did).

- click for (slighty) larger version.