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in other recent news...

I just got me a new axe. And it's fantastic. Probably the best I've had since I bought my Dean back in the 90's - in the Frozen Sun era. It's second hand, about 2-3 years old but hardly a scratch. It was in the possession (untill recently) of a member from danish metal-act Raunchy.

- if that's not a rock'n'roll axe, I don't know what is.

And now for something completely different. about 6 months ago we got us a little pup. A griffon belge black/tan - child of champions and with pedigree of course. She's a little ewok/wookie for sure, and being big Star Wars fans, the kids named her "Princess Leia" - or just Leia for short. She's absolutely fantastic, easy to be around and easy to bring around. An ideal family dog. Great with the kids, other dogs and other people in general.

Oh how proud and regal she looks, basking in the sun.

and oh how small she was. This is probably about a month after we got her.
- aren't we just lucky?