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Some people just want to see the world burn...

I saw Batman:Dark Knight today. Mighty entertaining, I must admit. I thought Heath Ledger did a brilliant job as the Joker, but I'm not sure it warrants his recent posthumous oscar nomination. But he did good - no doubt about that. It was a strong heritage to take over from Jack Nicholson. I also liked the effects on TwoFace. Much more in-your-face (no pun intended) and brutal than when Tommy Lee Jones played him. Pity he only got so little "funtime". The action was good, and the movie didn't strike me as being over-american, although a few clich├ęs did sneak in here and there.
I do however dislike that Batman has to speak in such a stupid dark/distorted voice whenever he is Batman - but I guess he needs something to keep people from guessing his identity - much like when Clark Kent removes his glasses and becomes superman, and obviously fools everyone.
I also missed Tim Burton's more fictituous, and true-to-the-comics rendition of Gotham City.
But I DO like that it is clearly aimed at an older audience, and as such more dark and sinister.
All in all a recommendable movie.