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You're NOT 20 anymore, Jensen...

Yesterday I wen't to a local venue called "Train", to see old school Bay Area Thrashers, Exodus, supported by "The Burning" and "Three inches of blood". I've recently rediscovered Exodus - I was very much into "Fabulous Disaster" and "Impact is Imminent", but these albums go many years back and I haven't really heard much of them, untill I was exposed to the third last album "Tempo of the Damned" which is fab. And also the last one with the old singer. Then came "Shovel headed kill machine" which was not as good in my oppinion, because it felt like the new singer had not settled in yet. But he sure has on the latest, called "Atrocity Exhibition".
So anyways - with a first release in 1984, Exodus has somewhat of a back catalogue, and yesterdays set was an excellent mix of old, new and everything in between. Highlight of the evening was surely when the played "War is my shepherd", from "Tempo...." which is a great track. The sound on Train was not the best, unfortunately, but maybe I'm just coloured from an open-air Iron Maiden concert with excellent sound.

I went together with Mike and Andersen, and later on teamed up with my colleague, Chekov and some of his friends, as well as Adam, the apprentice at my former work place. And we were rockin' a bit through the first few exodus tracks - untill we slowly but surely got sucked into the mosh pit, and just started going completely ape shit. With the result that my neck has been stiff as if a viagra was stuck in it, and naturally a little bit hungover because one or two beers just wasn't enough. And then of course battered and bruised from being tossed around in the mosh pit.
- but it was awesome. I haven't rocked out this much for ten years or so. It was well worth it. Besides - the good thing about regrets is that they always appear after - never during ;)

Maybe I should go see Vader, Illdisposed, Headbangers Ball and Volbeat during autumn?