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doodle doodle on the screen

I use a wacom tablet for photoshopping textures for my 3D models. Although I'm no wizard with a pen, it does seem to make the job a little easier. Or a lot actually.
This weekend I've been working on a concept for a project (which I won't reveal just yet, so if you are one of the few who already DO know, please don't spoil it), and I decided to take a raw, untextured 3D-model, render it with no colour, and try an overpaint in Photoshop. It was an eye-opening experience. I'm definetely going to try this again, because within an hour, I had a "previz" of the model - It'd probably take me a lot longer to unwrap and texture it. Granted my techniques are pants, and my brush strokes are somewhat shaky, but I like the result, and it gave me renewed inspiration and ideas for the texturing stage. And it's easy to change colour and add little details.

- that's the raw render.

- and the overpaint version.