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Malta buses

If you believe in spiritual stuff, you could say that Malta is "Bus heaven". Where the very souls of old and worn-out buses come to get their halo and wings, if they've been good buses. Makes you wonder if "Bus hell" is being converted to a mobile kindergarten in Vilnius, Lithuania...

On Malta the buses get revitalized. And they do have many good years in them still. And even if they have more modifications and remakes than Dr. Frankenstein's pet project, you can see that the drivers (who are usually also the owners) really DO care about them. And so a bus trip on Malta becomes an attraction in itself. You never know what you're gonna get. Will it be "Bambina", or "Life in Heaven" - or perhaps the little Perkins that looks like it has shrunk in the last car wash.

I think they're gorgeous, and I really appreciate when someone takes such good care of automotive history. Just look at the shapes, the ever shiny chrome, the pinstriping and occasional flame-job.