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same old, say mold

Call me red, but last nights election did not come the way it should. I don't get it - after more than 6 years, the majority of the danish population still opted for the constellation of parties that has brought them the worst level of public service (schools, hospitals, elder care, kids care, public transportation), and who generally has a twisted perspective on humanity.
I've never experienced so many strikes and such a drop in public services as during this government. It was especially bad, when we were taken hostages during the latest bus conflict, which sarted before we moved to the city center. For 6 months we couldn't count on getting to work on time, and more than once I had to walk, because there were only 70% of the buses on the streets. The generation that fought the germans in WW2, are left to rot on elder "care" centers, where they get a bath once a week, and get put to bed at 7pm, because there's not enough staff to take proper care of them. If you live away from the bigger cities and get ill or break a leg, you're screwed, because the local emergency stations are being shut down one by one. If you manage to get yourself to a hospital, you face the risk of having to lie on the hallways. That'll surely speed up the recovery...
- and for what, Denmark? Just so that you can get the equivalent of 1-2 extra hours worth of work paid out at the end of the month? Why don't you WORK that extra hour then? Because with the current system, you're handing those money over again faster than you know it, in terms of higher prices on the public services YOU need. And guess what - you're paying more for less. Just so the government can go out in public and say : We're a rich nation. We have so and so much money in the treasure chest.
I beg to differ. We're a poor and sad nation when we can't even cater to those who need it. More people are living below the poverty limit now than under the previous government. And I'm not counting those refugees that we refuse to give a decent life. No - I'm talking born and raised danes. Families. Kids goddamit!

- I'm not proud to be danish today...