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Stupid people should have their voting privileges revoked!

The election campaign is raging at its fullest. Naturally it takes up every front page and every first 10 minutes of a live news broadcast. Some are digging up dirt on eachother, and some are scrutinizing previous statements of the opposing parties, and twisting their words around. Fair enough - that's part of the game. They're all battling for the voters approval and that extra little "X" in the right spot. But unfortunately some voters are just stupid (not just in Denmark, mind you - I mean... George W. Bush.... twice??!).

On the front page of "Urban" - one of the danish freebie newspapers - they have a front page theme with the title "Who would you prefer to hug?" - with a picture of the danish prime minister Anders Fogh and a picture of the leader of the opposing party (and candidate for the prime minister seat), Helle Thorning. And you can read on that Urban thinks the election (and especially the campaign) is about characteristics such as "credibility, empathy, care, efficiency, control and sex appeal". Sex appeal. What the fuck? If I wanted to vote for sex appeal, I'd go to ratemyboobs.com or ratemybutt.com. Sex appeal in a political campaign is just as stupid and misplaced as realityshows on MTV (you know that actually stands for Music TeleVision... Yeah. I know - where's the friggin music?)
Anders Fogh could be the handsomest hunk ever, and Helle Thorning the sexiest slut ever - but what the hell does that have to do with politics? What has that got to do with governing a country with 5.5 million people (yes we're a teensy weensy country)? Even though italian porn actress Illona "Cicciolina" Staller actually did get elected for parliament for flashing her boobs, what did that really do for Italy? I mean other than portray the country as a nation of men with constant hard-ons?
The only logical explanation for Urban's statement about sex appeal in a political campaign, must be that there are people out there who are just too damned dumb to have an oppinion about stuff that REALLY matters.
- like during the last election in 2005, where a local tv-station interviewed a bunch of women attending a political show-down of some kind in a big hall, and asked them where they would place their X in the upcoming election. Surprise surprise - some of these middle-aged, fat, trailor-trash scum actually said "We vote for this person, because he is more sexy and neat". Not for once did it occur to them that the minute he was elected, his first mission would be to cut back on their welfare, raise the price on pretty much all social services, and lower the quality at the same time. Great thinking, lard asses!
Now why, OH WHY, would a group of people vote for a person who would immediately start making THEIR lives miserable through anti-social politics - just because he looks neat? I mean what other reason, except blatant stupidity could there be?

Do us all a favor this time: DON'T VOTE! Become one with your couch (more than you already have), and leave the voting to people who actually care...

*edit* Oh look - dead race between That Guy and Ni! in the polygonpoop election poll