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Another infection...

Despite a pretty tight security and a good portion of common sense, a little nasty piece of malware managed to get into my primary PC. Something called "Yieldmanager". Apparently some kind of advertising service, which hijacks just about any advertising space it can find. It slowed down my system, and made browsing pages with banner ads (such as Facebook) pretty much impossible.
And I've never ever seen anything this persistent. It's taken me 8 hours!!! To research, try various fixes, research more, ask for help, try other fixes, downloads scanners and stuff. GAH!!!
People who invent and distribute malware like that should have their fuckin' balls removed (yes, I'm sure it's guys... with very small penises) by means of a large series of paper cuts!

So here's a big FUCK YOU, you tiny prick'ed, bottom of the food chain, infantile, pathetic, horses ass licking, donkey bukkake loving, wet yourself at the age of 25, pimple-faced, wears his undies for a week, sad excuse for a human being, sick fuck!!
- that's probably the worst time spent EVER. And I've had a root canal... twice, I've waited for the school nurse to have a piece of eraser removed from my nose, which I stuck in there myself, and I've jammed a pen in under my knee.

I hope you never reproduce!