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...the bells..... THE BELLS......

I think I made a mistake - moving closer to the local church, that is. The old appartment was close to the church, but there was a block in between and the bedroom was facing away from the church - on the backside of the building.
The new appartment however, only has a half block between it and the chuch, and my bedroom window is facing more towards the church than away from. And spring is coming, which means I've started to sleep with the windows open. So every weekday at 7am I get this weird ringing sensation... oh wait - it's the chuch bells telling EVERYONE to get the fuck up! Extremely annoying (and loud) when you occasionally wan't to catch another 30 minutes of sleep. Or if you're in bed, sick. Or if you have the day off. On sundays you get to sleep a little longer, but then at 9.30, 9.45 and 10am it's hell's bells again.

Why can't the chuch just broadcast a signal to a receiver instead? Then all the church-goers and people who like the bells can enjoy them in the privacy of their own home through such a receiver, and the rest of us can sleep in. That'd be sweet!