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Call me rusty...

I've started playing guitar again. Something I didn't quite think I was gonna do, only a few years ago. But I was introduced to Line6 and their POD product range, and I must admit I was impressed. I ended up buying the smallest of POD's (the pocket POD) which has something like 32 amp emulations, 32 speaker cabinet emulations and various guitar effects like distortion/overdrive, reverb, delay, tremolo, flanger, phaser etc. And it cost me hardly anything.
But Within the last 6 months or so, me and Mike has started toying with the idea of playing again, so I wen't and bought a Line6 Guitar PORT,

which is basically a USB soundcard and guitar-interface. It came with some decent recording software too. On top of that, it is based on the emulations of the POD XT (which is the large POD) so it has even more presets and possibilities than my pocket POD. And you can buy/download more presets and more speaker/effect/amp models. Sweet!

I must admit that the thought of sweating in a moist basement for hours 2-3 times a week, does not appeal to me anymore. But the creative process does indeed, and it has gotten a whole lot easier in this digital age. So I've started creating a bunch of riffs and half songs - some better than others - but thats the beauty of it. I can now just copy/cut/paste and arrange/rearrange my music, and store whole tracks, parts or just single riffs on the computer. Yes - I am amazed. And my arms are sore. After 10 years of not playing, I'm a bit rusty. But I'm playing 1-3 hours a day so hopefully I'll get back to proper form again.

I'm not gonna upload anything publicly just yet - I'm not entirely satisfied with the "products" yet. There are some limitations to the software I need to find workarounds to. And I'd really like the opportunity to get my ideas past a REAL drummer first. I'm sure me and Mike will be able to improve on the material quite a bit.

- with a little luck, there'll be a new addition to the menu of this site later this year...