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I demand a refund!

Last weekend was tainted. How can you sell a tainted weekend, I ask? I have been robbed - one precious hour of genuine weekend, due to the change over to summertime - and I won't get it back untill october. And do I get interrest? No. Lending out one hour for half a year, should at least produce half an hour of interrest.

Seriously though - what is the point? Is it worth the extra light in the evenings? It's still too cold for outdoor activities, so many people are still curled up in the luminous glow from a tv or a computer monitor. And we'll have cought up in 3-4 weeks or so anyways. So why bother? It's gonna take me a week to adjust my bio-clock. In the meantime I can't fall asleep on time, and in return I'll be more wasted in the morning, where there is now also less light. It's a loose/loose situation...