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Busy bee...

I had quite an eventfull day yesterday.
Firstly I was up early to clean house, prior to the arrival of Niels and his son Jonas, who came aaaallll the way from Lithuania - just to visit ME! (in reality they had other arrangements here, but I like to feel special, ok?) It was great seeing them again. Doesn't happen very often (for obvious reasons). I had plans for a holiday in Lithuania this year, but unfortunately I'm gonna have to put those plans on hold until Liv and I can sell the "old" appartment.
So anyways - it was really good seeing them again, and Jonas grows up so fast (I guess that's only natural when you don't see him more than once every or every other year). Oh - and they brought a little present too. Of the consumeable kind. A tacky-looking bottle of otherwise excellent Lithuanian mead. It was much lighter and less harshly sweet as the danish meads typically are. Most of the ones I've tasted, have this really strong sweet feel, like if you just choked on a big spoonfull of honey. Best part though was the list of ingredients which ended with "...and acidic regulating stuff". I lol'ed. We need more products with "stuff" in them :)

When Niels and Jonas left, I had just about an hour untill I had to be at Liv's for a little birthday gathering with her family (it was her birthday friday, and I brought her breakfast... ain't I the considerate ex...). Now I don't see her family very often since we split up, so it was nice to see them again - I was only missing the dog... But instead they brought the new car which me and Liv's dad quickly ran off to inspect, leaving the women to the kitchen duties, just as it should be. Men and their cars, women and their kitchens. Perfect ;)

I left about 6'ish, giving me just 2 hours before the first guests arrived to participate in a small Former Runestone Employee Gathering (tm). And from then on it was just downhill. It was me, Sammy, Morfar, Dr. Gabby, Søren-for-sent, and Ric. Ric brought a few bottles of fine whiskey, and I started dragging stuff out of the liquor altar, like absinth, arnbitter, un-pronounceable bulgarian stuff, vodka, jägermeister and of course cold beers. It was great fun as always when we get together (so let this be a reminder to do it more often) - although a great deal of the other former Runestoners couldn't be there. Next time though - and then hopefully with a full blown barbecue in the garden...

I think we broke it up a little past 3 at Gerner's Grill getting a late night snack, after having spend a great deal of time earlier, dissing the quality of their food and how it is not just as choice as in the good ol' days. But beggars can't be choosers, and it was either Gerner's or flappy pizza slices from 7-11... and 7-11 is a good 30 meters further down the street. We just couldn't be bothered.

So today I was actually expecting a nice hangover, but so far nothing serious. I've been out and about, and enjoying my breakfast in the garden where it was lovely warm and sunny. Worst bit of hangover-related... stuff... was when I woke up after only 5 hours sleep (as usual) and felt a little woozy and... bleeergh. But I'm all good now. Hopefully this doesn't mean that the hangover comes after me with a vengance tomorrow. Please not on a workday...

- so happy sunday to ya'll. I'm gonna go do absolutely nothing. Except maybe breathe... and drink coke... and maybe watch a movie or two... and ... STUFF!