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I hate networking...

- no, not the getting hammered and dancing naked on the table at the local pub to get attention because your friends are busy scoring, and suddenly everyone thinks you're awesome and wants to buy you drinks -networking.
I hate computer-networking. HATE it. Every computer purchase should come with a sysadmin. In which case I would have 4, but at least they'd be able to solve my network problems quickly and efficiently, when they decide to pop up completely out of the blue.

3 days ago my internet connection died on me. So bad I had to call support at my ISP - something that luckily only happens once or twice every year. Together we try a few different solutions, rebooting, restarting the modem, disconnecting cables, replacing cables - and in the end they send a new profile to the modem, and it works. Yeah - they fucked it up to begin with.
- but I also suspect that all the hassle made my switch go bonkers. Suddenly, after having played a bit of STALKER (yes, again) I have no internet. So I restart the modem - still nothing. And even weirder - the IP-phone works. And in 99% of the cases this means an error in my end. Great. I'll be arsed if I have to call support for the second time this year, only 1 day later.
I boot a second machine and a third, just to see if they can connect through the network - and they can't. The two others can go online though. Further investigation reveals, that my primary has suddenly decided to ditch it's IP-adress, subnet mask and primary gateway. Excellent - how the fuck did THAT happen?!?!? I reassign - and the primary can go online as well - but still no connection between the three computers. Infuriating! I'm a little out of my league all of a sudden, and I'm even peeking in the BIOS to check if something has gone AWOL, but no - everything is peaches and dandy. As a last resort, I take a look at the switch which is blinking rather incoherantly, as opposed to the 3x3 blips indicating that there's traffic between 3 active computers. So I reboot the switch, and everything works again.

Did I mention how much I hate networking?