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*OOOUUUUCH* - No touchy.... NO TOUCHY!!

I'm home again. Slightly redder than before I left. No actually I'm incredibly red, burning, and in agonizing pain... So when you see me - no padding on the shoulder, unless you want to be picking up your front teeth from the sidewalk, mhhkay? ;)

Oh yeah - and my phone died on me. Completely. Good thing I have my backup... So I'm also back in that department.

My tent was also a little bit too small for me. I guess when the info says "2 persons", they really mean 2 persons of less height than 170cm or 1 person of no more than 180 cm. It is a good festival tent, I reckon. Comes in a bag, and when you upen the bag, you unleash raw, compressed unfolding powers. It simply goes *POOOOF* and there's a tent. Add 6 tent pegs, and you're done.
- so if you're going on a festival or something, come by and pick up a spare tent. I'm gonna look for a bigger one.

And a guy on the lot next to ours was snorring like a big, fat bear...

But apart from all that, I really enjoyed the 2 days at my parents' camp site - despite their usual bickering ;)