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Traffic rage pt. 1

Stupid ass lorry driver. So first he goes left when I try to pass him on my bike to the left side. Then he goes right, as I fall back and try to pass him on the right side (because he left me no other option). Mind you that at no time during this, does he signal what he wants. Then he turns on the emergency/catastrophy/warning signal, while still driving.
"No Mr. lorry driver. Having signal lights blinking to the right and to the left, does NOT mean you can act like an indecisive teenage girl, and drive as you please".
- and he has the nerve to toot the horn, as I finally pass him, and signal with my hands, that he needs to make up his mind, and alert the rest of the traffic about his intentions in a clear and decisive manner. Jerk. I hate traffic. People will litterally kill eachother (and other people at random) just to gain 5 seconds, or one place in the queue at the next signal.