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I don't read many books...

- in fact I more or less don't read books at all (comic books and educational litterature not included). Between 1990 and 2006 I've probably only read one book, which was Bill Bryson's "Down Under" - a gift from Kim before I wen't to Australia in 2000.
But I've slowly started reading books again. I prefer "real" stuff - like biographies and "travel logs". So last year I read a book about a boating trip in and around China, I read the biography of a local, and slightly controversial, soccer player (whom I also wen't to school with). This year I've read a book about a danish special ops soldier, and I'm currently readin a book about why girls are weird, and why guys are also weird - only in another way...

But I've not enjoyed reading as much, as when I read Alex Uth's latest release "Marskens Hemmelighed" (that's the secret of the marsh). It's the first piece of fiction I've read in a looooooong time, and it was great. Granted I'm a bit older than the target audience, but you're never too old for mysteries and thrills.
Now Alex has a way with words. Or - she has her way with words. I don't know. But they do seem to take a very describing and picturesque form, when lined up in the right formation. I actually think she's a visual artist - she paints with words, to form very detailed images in people's imagination. Obviously you need to have imagination, but the crisp and detailed descriptions, makes it very easy.
I've had the pleasure of working with Alex at Runestone, so I'm already familiar with her writing, as she was responsible for most of the backstory on the game "Seed", so I know she's a great writer.
Anyways - I can highly recommend this book, though once again - aimed at a younger (danish) audience.