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Loafing on Lefkas

We've booked our vacation, and it's back to Greece once more. Lefkas to be more specific. One week at, what appears to be, a nice, small, quiet hotel not too far from everything. I can't wait. I really like Greece, and I've stated earlier this year, that I would like to go back there again soon. And hey, presto - we are.

We usually wait till rather late with the booking, because the closer you get to departure, the cheaper the last minute travels get. And so does the selection of course. So at present it was down to Greece, Turkey, Mallorca and Bulgaria, and Bulgaria was not a great experience when we were there two years ago, mainly because we ended up in Sunny Beach (which has also gotten a pretty bad reputation this year, due to numerous rapes and other violent attacks). I don't really fancy going to Turkey, and although Spain would be nice, we'd prefer to go somewhere else than Mallorca or Ibiza.

So - Lefkas it is. In just 4 weeks - give or take...

* image courtesy of someone else. If you don't want it here, let me know.