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vomic.com (and yay! - post #100)

This is the 100th post on polygonpoop (insert grand orchestrated ensemble, and crackling fireworks). That didn't take long. But some of the postings are relocations of stuff from hatetank.dk, after all.

More importantly - I've made a new vomic. After 2 years and some months of total neglect, I made a new one. I think it was just about time. Not that I lack ideas. I have tons. I just didn't feel like it... untill now. And you'll like it - oh yes. It ties nicely together with the polygonpoop theme.

- I'm planning to ditch the domain and save the money. So within a month or so, vomic.com will relocate to vomic.hatetank.dk

In the totally unlikely event you DON'T know what vomic is, it's a site where I put (3D)images to funny (mis)interpretations of words, terms or just random weirdness. Somewhat inspired by Boring3D, but with a "vocabulary twist".

*edit* Relocation complete.