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Bank of Anerica

I got a mail from Bank of Anerica, saying that my bank account is locked (see above).
Bank of Anerica.... hahaha - suuuuure.

I just had to open the mail - I know, I know - it's stupid, but curiosity killed the cat, eh?

Here's what it said :

Account: NO INFO Date: 07/09/2007 As the Internet and information technology enable us to expand our services, we are committed to maintaining the trust customers have placed in us for protecting the privacy and security of information we have about you. In order to protect your information against unauthorized access, identity theft and account fraud we earnestly ask you to update your profile. To get started, please click the button below and login to your account :
Your Online Banking Account has been blocked on 07/09/2007 Because email is not a secure form of communication, please do not reply to this email.

Really? Email is not a secure for of communication? Well then, I'll just log in through this fine button (which, in the mail, originates from Geocities) you supplied in this (according to your own statement) non-secure communiqué of yours, and hand over my account info.

- idiots! And even bigger idiots! to those who actually press the sign-in button, and hand over the info. You should not be allowed on the internet.