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Viking Moot 2007 (Aarhus)

At roughly 9am today, an sms from Thomas "morfar" ticked in. He wanted to know if we should take a trip to Moesgaard. I was a bit puzzled at first by this request, but I quickly came to the conclusion that it was about time for the annual local Viking Moot. So after a bit of sms-debating, we agreed to head out there for the first battle of the day - and some mead and meat. Me, Liv, Thomas and his daughter, Nanna (with her trusty sword and cape).

There was ominous clouds approaching, and it did rain now and then, and it was muddy - but we came prepared. And with Sammy in Berlin, and not able to laugh at my rain boots like he did at the Metallica concert (so much that I decided to be cool and not wear them, despite the chances of a muddy experience), I got to test them finally.

It looked like rain - and it was. But the blacksmith didn't care.

Food was prepared - and food was eaten.

We were knee-deep in poop, but we were happy still.

And the warriors we're preparing for battle...

... and lining up and... well - battling.

All in all an enjoyable event, all things considered. Even if I got in the wrong queue for food, and ended up getting pork and not lamb. And even if Thomas was not as good with the bow and arrows as last year.
But we did loot a bit, so if you're in the neighbourhood - pop in for a glass of mead.