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I've been robbed...

...of the summer I was promised. It's been raining for what, 6 weeks now? Only a few days of reasonable weather here and there and a week or two of nice weather back in the beginning of June.

- this is what the forecast has been like for the entire summer more or less. Notice the lack of rain on wednesday (Onsdag) on the chart? Well - that doesn't mean it won't drip now and then. And it'll still be rather windy.
COME ON!!! This is autumn weather. Where's my summer?!?

- back when I was a kid, it was scorching hot, and the water was clean, and the ice creams were bigger.

I blame it all on China and Russia for tampering with the weather just so it won't rain on their parades - literally. Stop fucking around with natural forces, you morons.

*screendump of chart from tv2.dk