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3D sculpt-O-rama

I've stumbled upon some funny little free applications, for doing 3D "sculptures" in.
One is Scherk-Collins Sculpture generator which generates meshes from a mathematical formular, based on a set of sliders you can adjust. It's somewhat limited, but still cool. It exports to .stl and that is not so cool, because it takes ages to import into 3dsMAX.
Another (and my favourite) is the Topological Mesh Modeling app. (TopMod) of Ergun Akleman. It can load any .obj mesh, and you can work with that using a set of different tools. One of the coolest functions I've used (so far) is the crust feature. Shelling made easy.
Anyways - I've made a few sculptures, based on those two pieces of software. Still only just getting my hands dirty.

Steel Rose (made with SculptGen). Actually only the top part was done in SculptGen, but i thought it looked a bit like a rose, so I decided to work a bit with that thought.

A "knot" of some kind. Done in TopMod.

Same knot, with a different shader.

Steel vines. Done in SculptGen.

- all images rendered in MAX with Vray.