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RIAA = Royal Incompetence And Arrogance?

I just read that in Utah and Florida, you can no longer just walk in to a second hand music pusher, and buy/sell music like you used to. If you sell, you have to show a valid drivers license, and submit to a thumbprint. Furthermore the store has to apply for a permit, and is obliged to NOT sell second hand albums within 30 days after taking them in. The store can also only pay store credit, and no cash to the seller. WTF?!?
Apparently a lot of music shops don't want to deal with the extra administration (understandably), and has simply just stopped selling second hand music. Admitted, the industry only gets their percentage of each NEW purchase, but aren't they the least bit interrested in people obtaining the music legally? Aren't they the least bit interrested in spreading the knowledge of their "products"? If you can't afford the full new price, and you're not able to or allowed to buy it second hand, then what are your options? RIAA are cornering people with their methods, and forcing people to take drastic measures, just like if you corner a wild animal, it will strike with ferocity as the last resort.
You start thinking that their REAL business plan is creating a demand, restricting the availability, and basing their income on insane law suits, rather than music.

Nice going, RIAA - it's just another nail in your coffin, and you're too blind to realize it. And you're punishing those of us who have loyally supported your industry for the last 20+ years. You build your empire on our backs, and when the walls start to come down due to your own gross incompetence, you stab us in the back. What do you honestly think that will do for your business, you mindnumbingly, stupid twats?

I'm all for the artists getting their piece of the cake. After all I was once a starving, heavy metal playing guitarrist myself. But this is just ridiculous. Ludicrous. Insane. Madness. Sparta.