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Shooting sparrows with an H-bomb

Here's a thing that totally pisses me off : DVD's with the well-known "Downloading illegal movies of the internet, is theft, and you wouldn't steal a bag/car/whatever"-campaign video. Or even better yet : Finding a little printed inlay that says something about how it's illegal to download movies of the internet and blah blah blah - INSIDE THE FRIGGIN COVER OF MY LEGALLY PURCHASED (and very overpriced) DVD. What the fuck is that about? I bought the friggin movie, so why do I need to read that downloading movies is a sin? How about telling the REAL criminals? And because of the expenses associated with producing such campaigns, my next LEGALLY PURCHASED DVD, will cost 50 cent more...
Sheesh! It's like if the clerk at the counter of your local deli in a very judgmental manner said "shoplifters will get punished", AFTER you've paid for your groceries.
Yes I KNOW it's illegal, that's why I PAY for my entertainment.
They are totally missing the target with these campaigns, because obviously when you download a movie of the internet, you don't get the cover with the annoying little inlay. Furthermore noone is a stranger to all the legal mumbo jumbo, and hence they're just considered nag-screens. And nag-screens gets removed on illegal copies. So who the hell are they trying to reach?
Imagine if you had to listen to 3 minutes of legal crap, that you already friggin know, before you could enjoy the new CD that you LEGALLY PURCHASED! Or if the new book you bought, flipped open on page one and was stuck there for 2 minutes, untill "The Industry" was sure you had enough time to read the legal stuff, before finally allowing you to start reading the book. That'd suck, huh?

I was searching my office garbage bin for one of those inlays that I just threw away the other day, but I can't find it. And somebody would probably sue my ass, if I posted a scan of it here on my blog. Man these people are morons, and they should totally fire their entire legal and marketing departments!