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Me and Jan were invited to a video-night at yndlingsnegerens place last night. It was a trip back in time because we were not going to watch the latest Pixar release on big screen with surround sound and in high def. No siree. In fact we travelled back in time to the sweet teen years, using only a few regular VHS tapes, a 14" (or maybe it was even as low as a 12") tv-set, with built in VCR, and a screen curvature like a bowling ball, as propulsion for the retro-booster.
Obviously the tv was also 50hz technology, and after watching Storytelling and Army of Darkness, it felt like I had just rubbed my eyes in salt and pebbles. Fantastic. The very authentic experience could only have been enhanced, if one or two of us were also smokers.

Thanks to our very competent time-travelling guide, for a well-arranged leap in history. Now I'll go rinse my eyes with a DVD on the 32" LCD with Ambilight.... :)