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Let's ride!

Some older work, relocated to polygonpoop :

Project ID : MAXforums.org "Let's Ride" workshop - low poly vehicles.

During autumn 2005, a workshop at MAXforums.org was launched. Under the name "Let's Ride" the participants were to make one (or as I did more than one) vehicle for a little minigame of the racing kind.
The workshop was launched by Ronan Hayes (Edge) and Timothy Hanslow (Timpa) - primarily to test some dynamics features for Edge's upcoming game "1944 D-day".
The rules were simple : Max. 4000 polygons (triangles) pr. car - make stuff breakable or detachable at will. Use whatever textures you need - up till a size of 2048x2048. Take advantage of the advanced shaders supported by the engine - as well as normal mapping - if you feel like it.

- I didn't. I decided to keep it simple.... and humourus. I've always been a fan of games like Mariocart, Crash Team Racing, Twisted Metal and the likes, so i decided to make my cars a bit toony.
I've also placed drivers in each of them, and they are as follows (from left to right) :

1. Monkey Pooh, driving the heavily modified VW Barndoor (Monster) Van - used for delivery of yummy crates of Monkey Chow
2. Ollie (from Vomic.com) driving a souped up VW Beetle.
3. King Pin-guin, driving the I Scream Truck

- they all conform to the 4000 poly limit, and they all use 3 textures at 1024x1024, with or without alpha masks (for windows etc.)

They were all made during a month or so, whenever I had a few hours to spare. These are also my first real attempts at texturing anything, based on a UVW unwrap. All in all it was a great learning experience - a great way to test some of my newfound skills, developing content for games, on a personal project.

There's TurnTool versions of each car available :

Ollie's VW Beetle
Monkey Pooh's VW Barndoor monster van
King Pin-guin's I Scream Truck

*TurnTool interactive scenes unfortunately only works with 32 bit version of Internet Explorer, and to my knowledge, none of the newer versions of Firefox or Chrome.

- or you can just have a look at the "turntables" below.