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Run (toooo theeee hilllllsss)

But since there ARE no hills, and I don't need to run from someone, I just run... or that'd be past tense - I ran.
Last year I almost reached the end of a 12 week running program. I felt it was necessary to do SOMETHING, because I could hardly run 50 meters, to catch a bus. So I got started on this running program, and had about 2 weeks left, but then winter came - yes I know, poor excuse - the true athlete cares not for the raging elements. So I can't pin the label of true athlete on my chest. Big deal - I won't loose sleep over it.

But I was just out earlier today to see how bad it had gotten in half a year. And I was expecting to have to start from week one, day one. But Liv talked me into trying to skip a few weeks, and so we started on week 3, day 2. And I did it. Without coughing up pieces of my lungs. I'd really like to make it through to the end this time, so I'll try to pull myself together, and keep running over the summer.