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Sidewalk rage pt. 2 : The workman's parking lot

Here's another great example of gross traffical inconsideration - the "workman's parking lot". Unfortunately it is not limited to workmen. Mailmen, delivery boys and regular drivers do it too.

Fair enough - if you have to unload stuff, you can take up part of the sidewalk untill your done, but when you're done you move the friggin car to the nearest REAL parking lot. And don't use as an excuse, that you have to constantly fetch stuff in the van. Just plan ahead, moron. If you need to lay carpets, you'll probably need your knife, your carpet tape, maybe glue, and your kneepads. Oh and the carpet of course. So bring it all at once. It's so simple, you could teach it to a jellyfish.

And mail/delivery services. I swear, if those people could drive the van into the office of the receiver of whatever-has-to-be-delivered, they would. But since they can't, they usually settle for the next best - parking on the sidewalk. But not at the broadest part of the sidewalk. Oh no - at the smallest. And if that happens to be even smaller because of garbage bins or the local florist's advertising signs, then all the better. It doesn't even matter if there's REAL parking 10 meters away, around the corner.
Twice in the last two days I've had to drag my bike out on to the road, between cars and trucks, to pass a mail van parked on the sidewalk. At the exact same place both days. Imagine if I was a parent with my kid in a buggy...

So you start to ask yourself : Do these people receive special training in being inconsiderate and ignorant?
Does MiB use workmen and delivery boys for neuralizer target practice, and thus make them forget what they were taught in driving school?
Is it a contest of some kind, awarding the most annoying parking of the month?

What the hell is wrong with you people? When I get rich, I'm gonna buy a Komatsu mining truck, and park it in YOUR driveway(s). Let's see how YOU like it...

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