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Brave new world

My parents FINALLY caved, and agreed to get broadband instead of their old K56 dial-up.
The danish communication mogul, TDC, had an offer where you could get a 384/128 kbit line, for just about the same price as with the old dial-up. Although the price will rise a bit in 6 months, it will still be cheap then. And SO worth it. No more 10-hours-online-a-month-limit, no traffic limit and it is more than 20 times faster than the dial-up.
Do you have ANY idea how nice it is, when you, as the loyal son you are, usually take care of all the maintenance and now no longer has to be slave to an archaic internet connection?
Hopefully they'll start using it a bit more.

Oh - and kudos to TDC for making the installation progress so painless. It was actually a LOT easier to get the broadband up and running, than it was with the dial-up.

*edit* weeeeell hold your horses there.... Unfortunately TDC screwed up with the registration key for the security package that we ordered. It wen't inactive after 2 days installed, and they could not just send us another key, nooo - we had to either contact another department by email only, or re-order and re-install the security package again (the faster option). And the supporter who tried to explain this to my mother, apparently had very little patience with her. Thats not good customer service guys. Some people only know the very basics. Don't give them a hard time - you'll only spook them, and take away their desire to ever give foreign technology a chance again. So thats a few points removed from an otherwise impressive score board...