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3D Santa game (completely off season)

In november 2006, I started working on the annual Christmas greeting card from TurnTool. Since TurnTool is a 3D web-viewer plugin, It has to be something 3D (and interactive). And obviously they have to out-do last years card.
So we came up with a Santa collector game.
I worked for 3 weeks or so, together with Johannes from TurnTool, who was the main scripter. All models, level design, and textures are by me (except the angry bear which I had Rasmus Jensen do).

The setup is pretty classic :
In his rush, Santa has dropped several of the presents scheduled for the christmas delivery, over the fields of Norway. And now he has to pick them up again.

So you take control over Santa on a sleigh, and race downhill, through ski huts, fire loops, hollow tree trunks, mountains, forrests - picking up presents while avoiding, angry bears, egg nog (which messes up your steering), cracks in the ice etc.
A few power-ups are good though. There's both a time bonus, and a vacuum cleaner, which attaches to your sleigh, and sucks in the presents from a greater distance. It will also suck in the egg nog, so be carefull. Going through a fire loop, will also boost your speed for a while.

Try it out by clicking either of the images to the left.
Obviously the game uses the TurnTool plugin - so if you don't have it installed, you will be prompted to do so.

TurnTool interactive scenes unfortunately only works with 32 bit version of Internet Explorer, and to my knowledge, none of the newer versions of Firefox or Chrome.