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"I'm brooookeeen..."

... as Phil Anselmo of Pantera sings.

Been working in the basement most of the day together with Liv and a bunch of people from our building. See we own the building together, so fixing and improving stuff, is something we have to do ourselves, to protect our investment, keep stuff in working order, and just have a nice place in general.
Unfortunately some people in the building does not understand this, and constantly skip these work weekends, which means the rest of us will just have to work harder. Like our time is not important? Morons! Same people does not attend to the janitor duties when it is their turn (once every friggin' 10 weeks), even if there's dog pooh smeared all over the god damned stairs to the building. No community sense, no fellowship, no interrest at all. Obviously young people whose parents own the flat, and they just rent it.
Spoiled brats they are.

Anyways - the basement is undergoing a major overhaul, and we did actually start last summer, so we're a good deal of the way already. Today we fixed a whole lot of walls down there, prepping them for a fresh paint job next weekend.

I'm just soooo tired, and it pisses me of that someone doesn't appreciate or care about our efforts. All the dust I've inhaled... All the dirt sticking to me, both inside and outside. I could shower for a day and still not feel clean.

At least I'll be happy in lullabyland in an hour tops.