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Sidewalk rage pt. 1 : Attack of the fembikes

I loathe them. And they're everywhere. I don't think a day goes by where I don't see or directly encounter at least one of them. One of who? One of the fembike(r)s.

And I hate to say it, but it really IS the women who are the worst. Just yesterday at a heavily trafficated crossing near my place, I saw one of them. She ran a red light on her bike of death(tm), leaving her boyfriend behind who yelled "You know it IS actually red", obviously referring to the traffic signal in their direction, and not her ass (although baboon would be a fitting label for her). And for what? Just to gain 10 seconds? I don't get it.

A few weeks back, I almost had to jump aside with my bagged groceries, to avoid a fembike who was :

1. going in the wrong direction
2. fast
3. on the sidewalk
4. where I (and others) were already battling for the 1.5 meters wide space, littered with ice cream menues and other stupid billboards.

- and the worst part was that she had the fuckin´ nerve to give ME a look that suggested that I was a moron for being directly responsible for her having to slow down, on the sidewalk, where SHE was driving.
I hope her ugly 500$ flimsy summerdress, gets caught up in the chain...

Some of the violations fembikes believe are legal, despite the traffic laws saying the direct opposite include :

- driving in the wrong side of the road
-- or of the bikepath
- driving on the sidewalk
- turning right at a red light
- crossing a red light
- biking on the pedestrian crossing
- biking in areas clearly designated as pedestrians only
- chatting with a fellow fembiker on the bikepath
-- or on the road
- biking and talking on the mobile
-- or writing an sms

... I loathe them!