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VW "Barndoor" T1

VW "Barndoor" T1

I've been wanting to do a proper car in 3D for a long time - I never got around to it, and the closest is my concept car but that one doesnt really count. And everyone seems to be doing the same Audi TT, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche's. I wanted to do something else.
My fascination for the old "Hippie container" goes way back, so that seemed to be a good place to start. I began looking for reference material, and found quite a bit. Thanks to sites like TheSamba.com, Barndoor.dk, and the likes. But I had to search much longer for actual blueprints. I managed to find some at Vintagebus.com, but they were older ones, and lacked a schematic of the rear end.
But you make do with what you can get your hands on, and all things considered, it turned out pretty good.

I'm pretty pleased with the texturework, and I'm glad that someone (H.T.) pushed me to dirty it up, rather than just make it shiny.
Also thanks to Andrei for allowing me to use the background picture of Waipio Valley, Hawaii - which was kinda perfect, considering the surfer theme.

Additional Images :

Early modelling pics.

Headlight closeup

Yet another part of the process, done with help from Daniel's tutorials. Though this one i had to modify quite a bit, to make it suit the VW properly.

Wheel closeup

Made from a tutorial by Daniel Buck and textured with bump map, and a dirt mask. The chrome/billet material for the hubs, are also from a tut by Daniel.

Window closeup

Used a custom dirt mask, to get the look of a car that had been on dusty roads for a while.

Low-res mesh cage

You can buy this model at the3Dstudio