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Happy Birthday bro'

Just back from Anni and Harry's (that's my brother's girlfriend's parents), where he had his birthday party thingy. And we brought a present of course :

- it's a rubber chicken, stuffed with 100,- danish crowns in 1-crowns. A little something to shop for, on his and Tine's trip to London next week :)

This is the hero of the day - unwrapping the chicken, and trying to shake out the money. However, they don't come out that easy.

Click image for video* ->

During the afternoon, alcohol was introduced, and funny games emerged - Flip Flower.
Having constructed a rather complex set of goals, using straws and glasses, Thomas and Sune started flipping decorative flower gems across the room, to much amusement for everyone... except perhaps those that got hit repeatedly (that'd be Tine, judging from the audio).

Click image above for video* of the first trial run.

If it looks stupid, then it's because it was. But it was rather funny.
The main object with the game, was to flip other flower gems through the goals, and into the glasses. And you'd win some rather tacky plastic diamonds. Yes, I know, It makes absolutely no sense, but it doesn't have to :)

Click image above for video* of the final heat.
(* all videos require Divx6)

All in all a funfilled and enjoyable afternoon in good company with family and friends, so a big thanks to the hosts, and the guests - and have a nice trip to London, guys.