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Tutorial, schmuschmorial...

I've (re)uploaded a tutorial for 3dsmax, and since there's now more than one tutorial I've also made a tutorial index.

Hatetank.dk has gotten a new facade as well, and I'll slowly start removing anything else but the tutorials, in respect of the many sites linking to them. But they'll also be hosted here eventually.
It's the perfect opportunity to clean up stuff. So I am. Cleaning up stuff...
Hatetank.dk will instead serve as my portfolio dumpsite, so if you just wan't to see graphics, that's probably the most direct way. And it will most likely have stuff I won't put online here.

I'm going to Hinnerup later today, for some Whitsunday relaxation at the inlaws, and tomorrow it's my kid brother's birthday (well, it's not tomorrow, but he'll be in London on the day). Boy do I have the best present for him ever. I'll reveal it here tomorrow. Aren't you exited?