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Moving day...

Polygon Poop may be a little unstable over the next 48 hours, untill it (hopefully) settles at polygonpoop.dk. Untill then, I'm affraid that not much more than the front page will work.

I'm gonna wait 'till after the weekend, where I can actually get a hold of my host. Things should be working again.

Looks like my host finally understood what I wanted, so with a little luck polygonpoop.dk should be pointing to this blog within 24 hours from now.

Ok - from where I am sitting (which is not far from the host and the nameserver) http://polygonpoop.dk is working, but http://www.polygonpoop.dk is not. Hopefully it will catch on as well.

I've been digging around a bit on blogger's help forum, and apparently you can't get both http://domain.com and www.domain.com to work properly at the same time, which is pretty annoying. Google really needs to fix this, and it can't really be that hard to implement. I mean these people have the technology to spot a fly on you ass, from 10 miles up in the sky....
- in the words of Fry : "Fix it, fix it, fix it"...... "Fix it, fix it".

I had to twist the arm on my host, but finally they caved and setup URL forwarding from www to http, so things should be in order now with either adress.