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Bah! I usually don't bitch much about our ISP, CyberCity, because they've been up-to-date, had competitive prices, and stable connections so far.
However, when I came back from work yesterday, we had no internet, or phone. And it never returned. Calling support only gave me a standard error-report, before disconnecting me.
And we had no net this morning either. When calling support there was no longer the standard error-report, so I assumed they had fixed the issue, but why were we not online then?
During the downtime, I obviously tried all the usual fixes, like turning the modem off and on again, and rebooting the computers. No effect at all. Internet gone, and phone gives me a line busy sound.
CyberCity has support from 9am to 8pm which is not a god damned lot, considering the price we pay. And you should at LEAST be able to bug-report your line to an automated system.
And it only got worse when I got to work this morning, and their phones were finally open. I had to wait in line a whopping 20 minutes.... with no indication of my position in the queue. I could be number 2, or number 10 billion.... That's just not good enough, CyberCity.

I may end up having to reset the router, and with it I'll loose all my settings. Which is rather annoying, because setting up the new router was not as easy as with the old one.

Add to that the fact, that our connection speed is not yet up to the promised 20Mbit (rather about 14-15Mbit), I'm not too happy with CyberCity these days.

It's so much worse to suddenly be without something that's an important part of your daily activities, than to never have had any use for it in the first place. Just imagine a pizza parlor, suddenly with no dough...

- pooh sounds in CyberCity's direction....

*edit* Oh horror and suffering! I've just returned from work, had CyberCity support on the phone, and we were unable to fix the issue with the connection. What's even worse is, they might not be able to send a technician tomorrow - which means we'll have to wait untill monday.
This is so NOT cool. The sun had better be friggin shining during the weekend.... even during the night!

- at least my 3G phone's built-in modem will allow me some sort of connection to the internet. And it's actually not that bad. But it is probably extremely espensive...

Oh what sad, medieval times are these that have been forced upon us....

*edit 2*
It appears that CyberCity are themselves to blame for the disconnection. I spoke to the girl in the flat beneath us, who is a CC customer as well, and apparently she had a technician come fix something - wednesday - at noon. Oh he fixed something all right. This is consistent with the fact that we had internet up to 8.45 am wednesday, where me and Liv left for work, but when I got back at 5.30 pm, there was nothing.
So I intend to get a refund for the 5 days in total we'll have been without net and phone, which comes to about 1/6 of the monthly fee. And they'd better friggin pay up!

*edit 3*
Ok we should be up and running again. The techie called me around 11am, and said that the line had been broken (duh!), but he had tracked it from the central and to our building and fixed it. He also told me that CyberCity now had contact to my router again. I can't check untill I get back home, but hopefully I'll be able to post something with images again tonight.
- now all I need to do, is figure out how much I'll have to pay for the data transfers, using my mobile as modem during the downtime... *sigh*