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CG Sphere Project

In late november 2006, I joined "The CG Sphere project". It's a community of people doing 3D spheres in all possible variations. Some simple rules and guidelines, but other than there's no limitations.

Here are my contributions - In no particular order. All made in 3dsmax with some post work done in Photoshop.

Panzerkugel mk. II.

Manfred "The red baron" von Richthofen.

Piece of Time.

Caco Demon remake in 3D - from good ol' Doom 1 & 2.

Ball lamp - a classic.

Booboid - the chew toy for the big boy.


Table top Panthella lamp. Another classic (by Verner Panton).

Dressed to impress - the GentleSphere.

Merry Christmas.

Janet. Superbowl. An entire nation in rage....

For the time being, I am not doing any spheres, but I have one or two ideas line up.
Visit my CGSphere profile, and vote for my pieces. I'm also a CGsphere featured artist.

Another sphere :

- more info here.

Yet another sphere. The Weighted Companion Sphere :)